Filthy 5 (Filthy, #5) by Megan D. Martin


POV: Faye (and Rhett a few chapters)
GENRE: *DARK*, Erotica
LIVE: Amazon:
B & N:

I’m baaaaaack!!! My first review for 2015, and I am glad that it is for one of Megan D Martin’s books! Because this Author is fantastic.

Filthy 5 is the 5th book in the Filthy series… ok I feel like I have now said filthy too much haha!

This series must be read in order, one book cannot be skipped.

Will Taylor get what he deserves?

He always wins, Rhett. Always

Will Rhett finally admit his feelings for Faye?

Will Faye settle into the ‘normal’ everyday life.

How is Sarah coping having Faye in her space?

Will Faye be able to cope?

Will they get the evidence that they need?

The 5th installment was very different from the rest:

I felt that Faye was very strong in this book and she really turned her life around and tried to make something of herself. Offcourse with the help of Sarah and Rhett. Rhett will do anything for Faye. I would have scratched Faye’s eyes out by now, or put her to the curb haha!

Finally some things comes to an end for Faye, and she can try to move on with her life. I feel that I cannot give a way too much as the books are quiet short, but I am still enjoying it and Megan has me every time of the edge of my seat. So much so that I want the 6th installment. haha!


This is my Faye…


This is my Rhett.

And then that ENDING OMF! How could this Author do this to me?? I want more and I want it now!

Go on go get your copy!!

ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review


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