Filthy 4 (Filthy, #4) by Megan D. Martin


POV: Faye (and Rhett a few chapters)
GENRE: *DARK*, Erotica

Wow! In every review I am saying that this book is getting better and better! And I’m sorry it DOES! I am so looking forward to the next installment that I am wishing the next month away.

If you’ve seen the Author’s profile pic you would think she looks so sweet and innocent. Haha. Wait till you read one of her books. Good grief where does she get these ideas?? This is such a dark f.up series but I am loving it.


This is my Faye…


This is my Rhett.

Filthy 4 Starts where book 3 ended! Faye needs help urgent, but will she be able to get the help she needs? Faye doesn’t want to get help, Taylor also doesn’t want to help Taylor, because he is liking where he currently has her. But Rhett makes a decision that Faye needs help and even if it is the last thing he does he will get her some help. Will Taylor back off? Will Rhett finally find out what is making Faye the way she is?? If he does find out how will he react?

If you want the answers to my questions, you would have to go buy the book!

Favourite Quotes / Lines:

I have nothing left to lose. Everything. I have everything

If I get out of here, he is going to make me wish I was dead.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

LIVE —->…

ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review


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